Galerie art promotion 02


History and Visions

The gallery, founded in 2002, is situated in the romantic landscape of Hunsruck, 14 km above the picturesque slopes of the middle part of the river Rhein – the cultural heritage of UNESCO.

In 1986, still in Riga, Anna Sausverde-Ellger started to promote the latvian art scene with the following opportunities in New York, London, Beijin and since early 90s - in Germany.

After the time of new departures in early nineties, the whole art scene regained momentum and the dynamic development in the Baltic set enormous creative energies free. It is quite a phenomenae, which keeps on reflecting in the creativity of the artists and supports them internationally. One could definitely see the trend during the Art Vilnius 2009, the first art fair in the Baltic countries. The gallery Art Promotion02 was a part of it.

“Latvian Avantgarde of the 20s” – was a title of the early 90s exhibition in Berlin. It was a comeback sign, a sign, that the latvians are back, and are strong enough, to remain to be a part of the “collective memory” of European art.

Now, three generations later, the gallery Art Promotion02 represents the young talents and established artists from Latvia and Lithuania and focuses on painting, graphics, sculpture and conceptual art.
Still, due to the tradition and a personal conviction, painting remains to be a main part of the gallery work.

“Point of View” is a new exhibition theme of the gallery, which will be completed in the year 2014. About this time, Riga will be a cultural capital of Europe. The project will involve also several guest artists, since it will be a dialogue between the tradition and innovation in the fields of art, culture and economy. It will be also an opportunity to try to define, what the creative industries are all about.