Art Week Kiev

Art Promotion02 received the invitation to participate in Art Week Kiev, happening in capital of Ukraine on May 23 – 27, 2018. Concept of the project will concentrate on principal values, like memory, humanity, future.

Art Promotion02 will present internationally renown artists, working in the field of painting, digital art and kinetics. The visitors of the fair will step into the dialogue about the basic values of humanity - such as memory, journey into the self, depths of human relationships. Creative ways of expression, which are balancing on the verge between art and science, do open new narrative perspectives about the relationship of the human to the world and importance of common values.

Artists presented: Julia Nuss/ Germany, Anda Lāce/ Latvia, Ritums Ivanovs/ Latvia, Roger Vilder/ France

More info: Kiev Art Week
Anda Lāce at Biennale Mainz
Tesch Roots

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